> ross
> 17 (scorpio)
> he/him
> filipino
> autistic

> hello!! you can call me ross. i created this site so i can be free to ramble about whatever i want, whenever i want. i'm an artist, but i don't always have time to create art because i'm often busy with school and work. other than drawing and whatnot, i spend a lot of my free time listening to my cds, watching movies, and traversing the interwebs. i'm a very awkward introvert, but i'm trying to improve my social skills...

> my special interest is film, and i love collecting dvds. honestly i love collecting physical media in general. i kinda hate streaming services so i just watch stuff on my dvd player and listen to music either on my mp3 player or cd player. i collect books as well, and i have what i call a "mini-library" in my room (it's really just an organized bookshelf though, haha). my favorite genre (in both movies and books) is sci-fi, i just looove stories about scientists!!


> half-life (along with hlvrai and freeman's mind)
> scp foundation
> five nights at freddy's
> scott pilgrim (mostly the comics but i like the movie too)
> team fortress 2
> portal
> batman
> theatre/musical theatre
> fight club (book)


> ajj
> weezer
> chemlab
> talking heads
> modest mouse
> neutral milk hotel
> my bloody valentine
> nine inch nails
> american football
> 2000's emo


> my own private idaho
> the thing (1982)
> shaun of the dead
> brick (2005)
> (500) days of summer
> ferris bueller's day off
> saving face
> the little prince (2015)
> fight club
> rushmore