8/28/23: made writings page
8/27/23: added more stuff to about me page
8/26/23: edited about me page
8/23/23: finally made the about me page and added some more graphics to the main page
8/22/23: added some blinkies, stamps, and other various decor
8/21/23: redid everything. literally
this website was made on a laptop on firefox so just zoom in/out if needed. and don't try to view this on mobile

welcome to my website! i made this in the summer of 2021 starting out with a cute vocaloid theme and limited knowledge of coding. since then it's changed alongside my interests and as i get better at web design. i've been pretty off/on with updating it, and i think this is like the fourth time i've recreated everything from scratch? anyway, i'm going to try my best to update regularly, but it might be hard since i'm also a student... enjoy seeing the insides of my mind!!

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